Cotton fibre infused with pure pigment, saturated with energy, defying tradition in visual art.

The alchemy of color is energized with adjacent colors meeting and dividing.

Blue meets yellow, red, green, orange, indigo and violet,

where forces meet and part at the deckle edge of each element.

Poska’s realms create a visceral experience where we find beauty, overt and willing.

A new realm has been created devoid of known constructs, linear time or social hierarchy.

Even the powerful illusion of individual identity is put aside while engaging this work.

Large scale forms produce an unexpected effect of empowering their viewers.

Rather than diminishing individuals by size and without a need to take egos to task through overt narrative challenges, the art of Poska offers an invitation to explore an unknown realm. As each form is explored viewers discover unfamiliar elements free of known references. New discoveries are perceived as newly discovered forms of matter. While reflecting on our experience of discovery we begin to comprehend that in the realms of POSKA, all matter matters.

In a world laden with derivative recreation in art this work is refreshing,

encouraging exploration within a realm that is a new creation.